Monday, October 5, 2009

What is this Group......

Perunelly My Family Name:-

This group is meant for our family to communicate each other in a group setting. We are far in distance but near in hearts. All those who are interested to keep in touch with one another, at least occasionally... Family meeting and sharing family where we belong. This is a group of members in the family “PERUNELLY”, this family is situated in Trissur, Kerala, India.

New site for family members, to view photos, post notes of any forthcoming events or info, enjoy!!! PLEASE LEAVE A DESCRIPTION i.e. Names...etc.

Please make sure that you will not misuse the group.

This group was set up to communicate with the family and so they can make amendments to the menu and make any comments relating to the where and what for.

This is a group for our own family web log writers...

Against all adversity, we will stand like a ROCK. As, because All Are in Family. Against all disaster, we will stand like a WALL. “AS UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL” I invites my family members to join this group because as we though have been separated from the family, want to keep the stick of Love in between.

This group is for My Family Members & My Relatives. Join this group if you are a member of our family member or relative.

Dear people, I found this group to connect all our Family Members Together. You can add some photos, if you want to.

I have been trying to create a network of our Family Members no matter where they are, be in India or any other part of the world. The purpose of this group is mainly to stay in touch one another to share some new ideas and events.

Family members Start from (As per Available Details) Late Perunelly Mrs.Madhavi Amma,w/oLate Kandamkumarath Krishnan Kutty Nair, Oorakam, Parappur, Thrissur Dist. & Late Perunelly Mrs.Kalikutty Amma w/o Mr.Madhava Panicker, Choondal, Thrissur dist. Kerala. INDIA.

You can Visit / Join our family groups in Yahoo and Gmail Groups,links given below.